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If you like or use phpMyBackupPro you kindly may support the project through your donation! Keep in mind that the development of phpMybackupPro needs a lot of time and money. The ads on this website can only cover a small part of these costs. Thank you for supporting this great MySQL backup tool!

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The latest contributors:
All contributors and their website will be temporary named here!
- Simone Link 6 (bbgtoys.com)
- Vikki 15 (vibratorvixen.com)
- Sleeping Smart 3 (sleepingsmart.org)

Help translating phpMyBackupPro
You can easily translate the MySQL backup tool phpMyBackupPro into your native language.
Please read these short instructions.
Your language files will be relased on this page and on the sourceforge.net project page!

Visit also the phpMyBackupPro project site for more information.

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