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Help for phpMyBackupPro
- You want to install phpMyBackupPro and need some help?
- You installed phpMyBackupPro and have some problems?

What ever it is, check the following:
- Did you read the 'README.txt' and 'INSTALLATION.txt' files?
- Did you read the document 'SYSTEM_VARIABLES.txt'? Maybe you can find a solution to your problem there.
- Did you have a look into the help forum on sourceforge.net?
- If you have a problem with the shell mode: Have you read the 'SHELL_MODE.txt' file?

If your issue still exists:
- Send a support request! Don't forget to include the version numbers of your
phpMyBackupPro installation, your PHP installation and your MySQL version.

The following additional services are provided on the SourceForge project pages:
- the bug report system
- the feature request system
- the donation system

Visit also the phpMyBackupPro project site for more information.

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